Episode 1: “The Kid” by Ai

In our first episode, we talk about how we first became interested in reading and writing poems. Then we discuss “The Kid” by Ai. 

Join the conversation! We would love to hear from our listeners about this poem or any other topic that comes to mind. Please leave a comment here.

3 thoughts on “Episode 1: “The Kid” by Ai

  1. A little of Ai goes a long way. After being knocked out by a coupla of her early poems, I grew really tired of her shock tactics, all that plain-spoken violence relieved by a metaphor or two and indulged in by barely recognizable, dysfunctional human beings. Browsing “Killing Floor,” I thought if I have to read one more poem spoken by an abuser or a victim of abuse, I’m going to hurt myself. So I stopped and haven’t abused myself with her poems since.


    1. Thank you for commenting. I do agree that after a while her work can begin to wear on the psyche. But to ignore her books after Killing Floor deprives the reader of some real treasures. I particularly love “Greed” from the collection of the same name. Unlike her more gut-wrenching poems like “The Kid,” it’s a slow burn, a dramatic monologue that feels like a blues song. -Kevin


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