Weldon Kees – For My Daughter

Season 2 is officially launched! Join Kev and the Lukes as they discuss the beautifully disturbing, or disturbingly beautiful poem “For My Daughter” by the mysterious Weldon Kees.  Here is a link to the text of the poem for you to read along. Dana Gioia has written numerous times about Kees. His account of discovering Kees […]

Episode 5: “Advice to a Prophet” by Richard Wilbur

In this month’s episode, Kev and the Lukes discuss “Advice to a Prophet” by Richard Wilbur and the ways it addresses an overwhelming subject like nuclear annihilation. Can poems give us a handle on unthinkable topics that “rocket the mind,” or do they fall short in moving our “slow, unreckoning hearts”? Listen to the episode here.

Episode 1: “The Kid” by Ai

In our first episode, we talk about how we first became interested in reading and writing poems. Then we discuss “The Kid” by Ai.  Join the conversation! We would love to hear from our listeners about this poem or any other topic that comes to mind. Please leave a comment here.